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90’s Forever Slide Sesh V3!


I just want to say before we get into this coverage that my photo edits are all over the place and I haven’t written an article in over five years, I’m not as familiar with the drift scene as I would like to be but that will get better with time. Thanks for sticking by me.

I really don’t know where to start, like at all. Writing and shooting drifting seems like a totally foreign concept now which is WILD considering my deep roots in drift coverage. I woke up super duper late for this event, stopped to play in the snow on the way, and didn’t even start shooting until well after 1:00PM. I went to the big entry to talk to my friend Aaron (@ishotthat, seriously check out his shit if you don’t already) about media creds and to catch up with him; this is where I got to get my first taste of how this event was gonna go for me. @StephanieDrifts was fucking sending it into the first corner, like absolutely fuckin’ chuckin’ it into the first corner. Levels of send I’m not really used to at Apple Valley Speedway. I only got photos of one run from her because I spent every other run just watching her throw it in, definitely not my finest coverage moment but I’m a sucker for entry commitment.

I spent the next ten or so minutes just hanging out at entry, getting a feel for everything and seeing how everyone was driving so I could figure out how I was going to make the most of my few hours of sunlight.

I decided that I was going to shoot this entire event outside the walls of Apple Valley Speedway. I felt like the center concrete pad was going to be a little too limiting and get old quickly, and I’ve never shot AVS from outside the walls before. I picked up a Canon 400MM 2.8 I earlier in the month and this was my first opportunity to really try it out. This was my first taste of what coverage outside the walls would be like. I loved shooting everyone coming over the crest, unfortunately people would shut down right before here most of the time so I felt like I should move forward a bit.

Moving a little forward produced photos I was way happier with, I was able to see more of the car before coming fully over the crest.

I kept reminding myself to move around and explore new angles.

This has always been my favorite spot at AVS, I’ve just never shot it from this angle before. If the driver goes wide, it’s perfect for catching them with a wheel up.

I’m realizing that I’m already running out of steam to knock this article out because I didn’t actually observe much from the event. I was so focused on shooting that I didn’t take in any information. I’m not gonna just write “CARS VERY COOL” so I’m going to leave it here with a gallery. I’ll do a better job at Desert Meihan this weekend to do an actual writeup! Also, if you aren’t in this gallery – please don’t be mean to me. Just DM @SRSLY2CUTE4U on Instagram with a photo of your car and I’ll see if I have anything. Also also, I’m working on a better way to display galleries on mobile but this will do for an event or two!

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